give what you can, take what you need - Manchester

Taking place in Manchester's Picadilly Gardens, give what you can, take what you need will be shown between 12-4pm on Friday 2nd May and between 12-2pm on Saturday 3rd May 2008. Free.

For Futuresonic 2008, Rajni Shah will work with collaborators Lucy Cash and Lucille Acevedo-Jones and artists Sheila Ghelani and Ilana Mitchell create a new public performance piece to be performed in central Manchester and Lancaster in which passers-by will be invited to explore the notion of community and conversation through gift exchange and the sharing of a meal. Previous projects in the small gifts series have taken place in Colchester, Lancaster, Glasgow and North Carolina. Each performance has been made as a response to patterns of movement and interaction in public spaces such as shopping centres, churches, hallways and parks.

An annual festival of art, music and ideas, which is currently in its 12th year, Futuresonic occupies the orbits of both music and digital culture. Extending the focus in recent years on presenting artworks in unexpected city spaces, and on social art and social technologies, the 2008 theme is The Social - Social Networking Unplugged.

Commissioned by Futuresonic and the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster