Occasional writings related to performance have been published on this website. Rajni also publishes regularly in books, journals, and online platforms... and occasionally shares unfinished thoughts on this blog.

  • Dear Stranger, I love you (2013)

    Dear Stranger, I love you brings together four ways of looking at Glorious: a short film made in response to six performances of Glorious; a music video shot in and around Lancaster and Morecambe; a critical overview of the process behind two iterations of the project; and The Glorious Storybook, edited and contextualised by writer Mary Paterson.

  • Glorious lyrics - English and French (2012)

    Lyrics for the songs from Glorious, as well as the versions of the songs performed in French.

  • Wooda (2010)

    Rajni was the recipient of the Wooda Arts Award 2010 - read some of her writings here

  • True Riches - A Programme of Live Art for the ICA (2009)

    Rajni contributed to this online publication of an imaginary programme of Live Art events at the ICA following the announcement of an end to its Live Art and Media department in late 2008.

  • Dinner with America - Essays, Films, Images and Conversations (2008)

    Book and DVD with contributions by Lucille Acevedo-Jones, Lucy Cash, Chris Goode, Mary Paterson, Rajni Shah, and Manuel Vason

  • Point and Place: Six years in conversation... (2008)

    This article was written for Dance Theatre Journal and exposes some of the processes involved in the making of the art book 'Point and Place'

  • Wechselnde Perspektiven in falschen Übersetzung (2008)

    A lecture presentation at Hebbel-am-Ufer (Berlin), in which speaking in both German and English was used as an illustration of the ideas of (mis-)translation and cultural identity within Rajni's work.

  • small gifts (2006-2007)

    A series of performance interventions using gift as an opening to conversation, includes essays

  • Cultural Diversity: bite-size chunks from my life (2006)

    Rajni Shah wrote 'Cultural Diversity: bite-size chunks from my life' for Engage magazine, issue 19

  • Internal geographies: negotiating space in performance installation (2006)

    This talk examines the idea of ‘internal geographies’ and compares the ritualised entering and exiting of fixed iconic figures in Rajni’s work with key rites of passage.

  • Not By Design (2006)

    Rajni edited this evaluation of the Arts Council England South East Fellowship Programme 2004-2006, which was written collaboratively with Saj Fareed and Tracey Low, then all three fellows on the programme.

  • JUICE Magazine (2002-2004)

    Rajni edited JUICE magazine (monthly) at The Place between 2002 and 2004, during which time she published many articles specifically for professional dance artists.