Rajni’s work as an artist leans gently but clearly across disciplines, countries, and thought structures. They are a quiet voice of change, creating invitations to gather, to read, to meet, and to listen.

Rajni has been making performances and leading creative projects since 1999. From 2005-2012 they worked with a group of other artists to create and tour a trilogy of works exploring moments of cultural identity and alienation: Mr Quiver (2005-2008), Dinner with America (2007-2009), and Glorious (2009-2012). Alongside these larger performance works, Rajni and other members of Rajni Shah Projects created a series of public interventions exploring ideas of gift and conversation. Initially entitled small gifts, this series culminated with two touring pieces made for public spaces: give what you can, take what you need which toured alongside Dinner with America, and Write a Letter to a Stranger which was at the core of Glorious. From 2013 to 2017, Rajni conducted research towards a practice-based PhD at Lancaster University, working with Professor Gerry Harris. The writing from this period will be published in July 2021 as a monograph and series of zines, entitled Experiments in Listening.

In 2017, Rajni Shah Projects formally closed as a company with One Final Act.
However, Rajni Shah continues to exist, and this website continues to archive their major works.

Current/recent: I don't know how (to decolonise myself) | Feminist Killjoys Reading Group (FKRG) | Acts of Listening Lab | Ropewalk

**2021: New podcast!**New book! and accompanying print-at-home zines!**


image by Lucille Acevedo-Jones, Manuel Vason, and Rajni Shah (2007)
Dinner with America at the Bluecoat (Liverpool) 2008 - image by Manuel Vason
Glorious - image by Pari Naderi for SPILL Festival 2011